Curious About Role-Based Reporting?

Watch our new video and learn how you can start benefiting from Role-Based Reporting yourself, or check us out at the next webinar on Thursday to see our Role-Based Apps in action!

See how individuals are gaining better business insights from BI@S pre-built dashboards & reports in order to improve overall performance for their business area.  Our dashboards will show you improved decision making within hours, and in this webinar we will be discussing:

  • Business Objects Data Tools
  • Best in Class dashboards, using predefined Key Performance Indicators
  • Mobile dashboards on tablets and phone
  • Free use of reporting apps
  • Free data integration

In the webinar, we will demo Business Objects Dashboards for  3 major roles that can be found in most companies:

  1. VP of Sales,
  2. Financial Controller
  3. Supply Chain Manager.

These roles are historically important to all businesses, but these days there can be too much data to reel into a simple report, and that is where the BI@S Role Applications come in for your company!

This webinar aims to demonstrate how BI@S can capture & integrate your data from any source, then load it into our BI@S Role Apps and onto your mobile device for you to view in real-time and from anywhere.

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