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Webinar: ‘Maintaining Business Objects with BI@S’

5/22/14 @ 1pm EST

If you use Business Objects or Crystal Reports today, have you been able to keep up with your business needs, roll out new tools and perform system upgrades?  Business Objects is a multi-tool solution requiring a diverse skill set which is difficult to find in one person.

To keep BO up to date with the business and support packages normally requires multiple resources and so:

  • Support costs rise


  • Business Objects support drops where users stop using the solution


This Webinar will explain how Southern Maryland Electric Co-Op (SMECO) transformed their internal BO systems from shelf-ware to a core BI solution by choosing BI@S for their BI support.

At BI@S, we can maintain your Business Objects as a service for the cost of 1 FTE. (Approx. $9K per month)

See how BI@S has helped SMECO:

  1. Re-engage with business users and their BI requirements
  2. Expand their functional BI footprint
  3. Upgrade their technology
  4. Build new or refined BO reports
  5. Take advantage of new tools, such as Predictive Analytics, from the existing license agreement
  6. Take advantage of new BO functions like mobile reporting

Be like SMECO; breathe new life into Business Objects and your Business Intelligence by attending our webinar on BI@S Business Objects Support May 22, 2014; and you will see that maybe your own BI Initiative needs a similar BI@S boost!


This webinar will consist of 30 minutes of explanation, followed by 30 minutes of questions from participants.  Questions during this period will be taken only from participants, not from vendor representatives.


  • Paul Grabham, CEO of BI@S
  • Dan Pirato, Customer Engineer, BI@S

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