Utility CIOs Should Already Be Using The Cloud

Most people probably don’t realize how much they’re already using the cloud services of some sort; even last generation’s utility CIOs probably have music, books, or even their pictures in the cloud.  For example, if you buy digital books from Amazon, your originals are automatically stored there for you in case you need to find it again.  With that being said, you download a copy to your mobile device or reader, and you keep a copy on your computer, but the original remains stored in the cloud for you.  You can access them there from anywhere you want, and even replace a missing copy if you ever lose it!


Similarly, many people store their music in various cloud locations where it is accessible from any device.  Some us even do all of our banking virtually in the cloud; I know I do.  I don’t even get cancelled checks back, and in fact use written checks very rarely these days.  But if I want to see one, I have to go into the cloud to look at it.


What has happened, whether deliberately or not, is that most of us have migrated many of our important pieces of data to the cloud.  That trend is likely to continue as more and more analytics are moved to the cloud.  Cloud storage is cheap, secure and effective.  If it’s good enough for your books, music and banking, it’s surely good enough for your analytics without the need for massive in-house server farms.  I’ll be participating in a webinar with Metro Resources on cloud analytics storage at 1 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 12.  Join us by registering here.

–Warren B. Causey


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Register here for our next Webinar!

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