Retail Doing Good Job With Analytics; It Can Still Get Better

We’ve pointed out in these blogs the many areas where retail enterprises excel in using advanced analytics–particularly at such retail giants as Home Depot, Walmart, Kroger, etc.  However, analytics still is a developing field and the true experts still are fairly few and far between.  Advanced analytics has not been a major focus of U.S. educational systems, however, and now that is changing.


College institutions are starting to provide Business Intelligence degrees

College institutions are starting to provide Business Intelligence degrees

Information Week has a good article about advanced analytics degrees now being offered by a variety of educational institutions.  That article is available here.  As the article points out, many colleges and universities now are offering  masters degrees in big data and analytics.  Some are one-year programs, others two years.  As the article points out: “All of these programs are geared to candidates who already have undergraduate degrees, and most favor professionals with three or more years of work experience. In many cases part-time options are available, so students can continue to work as they learn more about big data analytics.


As big data continues to grow at all kinds of businesses, there increasingly will be a need for this expertise.  If big data is the future–and increasingly it seems that is the case–getting qualified experts to work with it is essential.  The assembly line is up, you need to tap into it if big data is clogging your systems.

–Warren B. Causey

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