Big Data Will Create Millions of Jobs in the Next Two Years

As you are aware, governments, companies, and other organizations are increasingly recognising the value of Big Data.  For example, health organizations use data to manage hospitals and provide better patient care, and businesses use data to better understand their customers.  As such, it may not be surprising to learn that a study from Gartner states that Big Data will create close to 4.5 million jobs by the year 2015. With that said, unfortunately only just one-third of these positions will be filled by qualified applicants.  Fortunately though, as more user friendly interfaces are being developed to make data analysis more accessible, more people will become interested in this exciting field.

Job Opportunity Calssified


What Industries Will Be Hiring?

Some of the sectors that will require qualified individuals include the health care, retail, and manufacturing sectors.  After all, studies show that these organizations can profit considerably if these industries can effectively make sense of their data.


What Types of Jobs Will be Available?

Some of the positions that will be available include:

  • IT jobs – require people who can support the computer hardware and software involved with big data.
  • Analytical jobs – require people with analytical and statistical knowledge
  • Managerial jobs – require people who can use the data to make efficient business decisions.



How Can Schools Prepare People for a Career in Data Analysis?

Schools can offer more courses in statistics and data analysis – as well as offer more practical hands-on training.  Universities can also become better at sharing resources and can better work at developing relationships with companies.  In turn, students will be prepared for the workforce as their courses incorporate more real-world business data and relevant examples.


Overall, the future in Big Data and data analysis is promising, and forward-thinking individuals should seriously consider a career in this growing field.

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One Comment

  1. Wayne Dennison says:

    I hear people comment about not being able to get into big data / analysis.

    For those who might be interested in getting into this sector…your ability to analyze is just as important as your ability to pull the data.

    You will need the following to be most successful….

    Reporting skills
    Database skills
    Analytical skills
    Statistical and Math skills

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