Healthcare Law Affecting Many Businesses–Analyze It

Regardless of your politics, there is no doubt that the federal Patient Affordability Act, popularly known as Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act, is going to have tremendous effects on virtually all businesses of all kinds.  Already, there are stories in the media virtually every day talking about those effects.  One I noted today indicates even amusement parks are being affected.  According to the Washington Times, “The SeaWorld chain of amusement parks is cutting hours for thousands of its part-time workers from 32 hours per week to 28 hours as of November, the Orlando Sentinel reported.”  You can read that story here.


No longer fun & games for employees of SeaWorld!

No longer fun & games for employees of SeaWorld!

All of these changes are going to have a dramatic effect on all aspects of our economy and our lives.  No private business will be unaffected, as indicated by the piece on SeaWorld.  Obamacare was a massive bill which even some of its proponents didn’t fully understand.


If ever there was a need for private businesses of all kinds to bring advanced analytics to the table, this is it.  Actually advanced analytics can be brought to bear at relatively low cost–at least compared to the costs associated with Obamacare.  And it is perhaps the one tool that would help businesses navigate these churning waters.

–Warren B. Causey

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