Data Analysis Project Can Diagnose and Prevent Premature Births

GNS Healthcare and the INOVA Translational Medicine Institute (ITMI) at the INOVA Fairfax Hospital recently announced that these organizations will partner to create and distribute computer models that can both diagnose and prevent preterm births. As the INOVA Fairfax Hospital has a significant amount of data regarding the clinical outcomes and the genetic background of premature babies, this partnership is a mutually beneficial one.  These computer models will then be licensed to biotechnology companies, researchers, and other health care organizations who can use and expand on them.


Background Information

About 12% of all babies are born prematurely and sadly, approximately 10,000 of these babies die on an annual basis.  Besides the emotional toll on families and medical staff, when babies are born prematurely there is also an added cost to the US healthcare system of about $28 billion annually.


How the Computer Models Work

The computer model utilizes advanced machine learning algorithms and other related means to draw links between genetic information and premature births.  These computer models analyze data that include clinical, genetic, and behavioral factors; then, doctors, researchers, and other healthcare professionals try to make sense of these complex medical interactions. These conclusions will then, in turn, lead to greater knowledge and benefits in the treatment of preterm infants.


Results of the Data Analysis

These healthcare professionals can develop new healthcare treatments and diagnostic tools that can help prevent preterm births.  At the same time, these same healthcare professionals can also discover new tools and treatments for other conditions that include diabetes, autism, obesity and other diseases.

Without a doubt, this health-related data analytics project will certainly affect the lives of many people in a positive manner and save the healthcare system a significant amount of money.

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