Vets Use Analytics Effectively

My wife and I took our two dogs, Cody, an eight-year-old Siberian Husky, and Sheba, a six-year-old Maltese, to the vet this morning.  He was a new vet for us; our having moved to another city last year and the former vet, who we really liked, is now 50 miles away.  We’re also impressed with the new one and a ready grasp of analytics was one of the reasons. Veterinarian Petting Dog As he was explaining things to us, including heartworm medication and other ailments our dogs could befall, he was quoting statistics regarding a variety of issues about pets.  One thing he said, among several that caught my ear, was that mosquitos–which carry heartworms, deadly to pets of all kinds–never travel more than about one mile in their lifespan.  Thus, unless there is a heartworm positive animal within about a mile of your home, the odds of your pet getting them are very slim.  However, the odds are too great so we got the heartworm medicine anyway, as usual.   He also spoke about other statistics concerning our pets–really members of our family, especially since our youngest son moved away last year.  He knew the average lifespan of both breeds, their habits and personalities, etc.  This obviously was the result of much experience and study of a host of analytics.  Like their human-care counterparts, veterinarians make excellent use of analytics.  That’s reassuring for folks who care for their family member animals. –Warren B. Causey

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