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I’ve written before in this space about how I became a Home Depot devotee because of the discounts they extend to veterans such as myself, but I had occasion this week to also learn to appreciate how they manage their data.


A couple of months ago, my wife wanted to change out the faucets in our kitchen because she didn’t fancy the ones already in place when we recently acquired the house.  So, we took another trip down to Home Depot and got a replacement.  However, when you buy something like a kitchen faucet you expect it to last awhile and we didn’t bother to retain the receipt, but after about a month one of the handles, which was plastic, broke off rendering the hot water inaccessible.


We dutifully had a plumber, because honestly I’ve never been able to make a water connection that didn’t leak.  He came in and took out the faucet and we took it back to Home Depot.  Even though I didn’t have a receipt, the service desk there was able to look up the purchase through my debit card number and we promptly received a replacement faucet set at no charge.  Not only is that good customer service, but a great example of how the proper use of analytics and tracking customer information can work to keep customers happy!  In today’s world, analytics and business intelligence can go a long way to developing brand loyalty.

–Warren B. Causey

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