High-Tech Constantly Changing – Track It Before You Buy


Modern technology continues to accelerate rapidly and new products go on the market constantly.  Mainstay companies like Microsoft, Apple, Sony, Samsung and others turn out new versions of their products every year or less–both hardware and software.  Their hope is that you will upgrade just as frequently.


Constantly turning over equipment and software, however can be an expensive proposition and isn’t always necessary.   Newer isn’t necessarily always “better” if the older product still is getting the job done, whatever that job may be.


Private companies would be well-advised to use modern Business Intelligence/Advanced Analytics software (BI/AA) to evaluate their existing systems and equipment on a regular basis to determine if replacements really are needed.  Using BI/AA, they may save themselves a lot of money by being able to predict when replacing technology fits their needs, and not necessarily the desires of the manufacturers.  After all, technology is a major expense for businesses and they need to know that they are taking best advantage of it for themselves, rather than for the producers.  That’s just common sense coupled with advanced analytics.

–Warren B. Causey

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