Can a Cloud-Based Heart Monitor Actually Shorten Hospital Stays?

Just recently, a firm called Web Biotechnology created a new type of heart monitor that utilizes the cloud to collect medical data in real time.  In addition to providing excellent patient monitoring, the device’s inventors believe that it will also shorten patient hospital stays.  In turn, patients will be able to return to their families at home more rapidly and hospitals and insurance companies will save money due to these shorter hospital stays.


About the Cloud-based Medical Device

Called the “Spyder”, this device very recently received CE certification.  In other words, this invention can now be promoted and sold within the European Union.  The device, which has the power to possibly replace remote monitoring systems in hospitals, offers a less cumbersome approach to monitoring patients.  Instead of using bulky equipment, a cloud-based sensor is used; and moreover, the Spyder can readily hold significantly more information than the more traditional remote monitoring systems (in fact, traditional systems are capped at 48 hours).


How does it Work?

This device utilizes a sensor that attaches to the chest of a patient. The sensor then connects via wireless internet to a mobile device that displays ECG signals and transmits these signals securely to the cloud.  With only one charge, this sensor has the ability to monitor a patient’s heart rhythms for up to three days.  Moreover, the Spyder device can be used to detect heart palpitations – including any abnormal heart beats or rhythms.  This information is then sent wirelessly to the cloud and here, various algorithms are used to analyze this patient information.

Doctors and other relevant medical personnel can then get direct access to this health data by using a web-based interface.  Prior to the invention of this technology, doctors had to wait for patients to first return any recording device for it to be downloaded.  However, with this Spyder device, any data analysis can occur while the patient is still wearing the sensor.


Monitors Patients across the Globe

Moreover, as this info can work via any smart phone and a wireless connection, international remote ECG monitoring is now a reality.  For example, a patient can be in France while his or her doctor can readily access the patient’s information from Singapore. While this product is currently available in Malaysia and Singapore, Web Biotechnology is planning to sell the product in both the Asia Pacific and Europe shortly.


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