Manufacturing, Retail, High-Tech Firms Need Analytics To Deal With Today’s World


The current economic, political, and business environments are challenging companies as never before; federal healthcare, a creeping-along economy, terror threats, environmental activism, energy supply concerns, customer financial constraints, and more are all presenting challenges.  Some of these issues are subject to mitigation by traditional methods, while others are not.


If ever there was a time for business and industry to embrace advanced analytics, this is it.  Only by using the current environment as input to business intelligence and advanced analytics can companies and organizations hope to deal with the present, much less the future.


Fortunately systems are available to help identify and track some of these potential issues; business intelligence and advanced analytics systems can be designed and programmed to track a wide range of issues that affect organizations on a daily basis.  They also are the best tool we have for looking into the future.  If inputs are properly managed, staff is properly trained and motivated and the systems are used to their full benefit, it’s possible now to see the train wrecks before they occur–and hopefully do something about them.

–Warren B. Causey

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