University Creates a Masters Program Devoted to Analytics

As more companies recognize the value of data analytics, a university in Ireland recently created an entire graduate program about analytics.  Specifically, Dublin City University is collaborating with IBM to develop a master’s degree devoted to big data, analytics and smart cities. Big data, of course, refers to the technology that handles the large amounts of data generated from items such as surveillance cameras, sensors, mobile devices, hospital equipment, social networks, and more.  According to Gartner, spending on Big Data was already $28 million in 2012, and analysts expect that this market will grow at least 30% per annum in the coming years.

Dublin City University teams up with IBM!

Dublin City University teams up with IBM!

About the Data Analytics Program


This computer science program will allow individuals to further develop their “IT chops” for areas of study that include consumer behavior,  urban analysis, social networks, healthcare, security issues and other topics.  In turn, these students will develop the skills necessary to recognize and offer efficient solutions to the problems of the future.  As cities create a significant amount of data, it is important to learn how to properly analyze and then use this information to make relevant business decisions.  Moreover, as many other industries also create large amounts of data, the skills learned in this master’s program can also be transferable to other industries.  Thus, since data analytics is a growing field, a significant amount of career opportunities await them upon graduating.


Why This Data Analytics Program is Important?


Without a doubt, companies, in general, are generating more data than ever before.  As such, it can be challenging to analyze and gain valuable insights into all of this digital information. Consequently, the Master’s program seeks to educate and specifically address any skills gap where data analytics in the workplace is concerned.  Moreover, this program will work with other related programs – namely the Centre for Applied Analytics Research and the university’s PhD program in data analytics.
In turn, as Ireland will graduate students with a data analytics background, more research can be conducted in this growing and important field.  Further, due to an educated workforce, perhaps more international companies may be interested in conducting business in Ireland in the future.


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