Cloud Penetrating Education Bureaucracies

In addition to working in private enterprise, I also have another part-time calling as a United Methodist local pastor.  Local pastors serve smaller churches that can’t afford a full-time minister.  As part of that job, there are certain educational requirements you fulfill over time, usually in the summer, in my case at the Candler School at Emory University in downtown Atlanta, GA.


Talk about analytics in the cloud!  When I started this work years ago, you had to turn in typewritten papers and communicate with school staff and administrators through the mail or by telephone, and also look up information on the web; actually that came after I started.  You got your grades in the mail later, usually quite a bit later.  Today, all that has changed.  It’s all in the cloud. You file your papers on-line, communicate with the professors via the school’s e-mail system, get your grades on-line and generally do everything in the cloud.  Paper is superfluous unless you get an old-line professor who wants you to bring a paper copy of something to class–none of mine did this summer.


I haven’t seen any analytics about the use of the cloud in education, but I suspect it would be a fertile area for study.  Meanwhile, I’ve got a nearly full box of reams copy paper under a table near my desk that I rarely use unless I want to print out something myself so I can read it while I work on something else on the computer, although I’m sure I will be going fully green soon!

–Warren B. Causey

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