Utilities Should Plan Carefully For Analytics

The advent of AMI obviously has pushed utilities into the world of “big data”.  There are a host of companies out there these days offering to provide business intelligence and advanced analytics to deal with all this data, as well as other issues utilities face.  Not all such offers or companies are equal, however.


Utilities are relatively unique organizations, quasi-government (through regulation) and quasi-free enterprise—IOUs are traded on the major stock exchanges and even municipal and co-operatives usually must show a profit.
These characteristics make data analysis and business intelligence for utilities a fairly unique undertaking.  Utilities have unique reporting frameworks, role-based KPIs, unique KPI definitions and require specific reporting trees.  Utilities need to be careful in selecting a BI/AA solution that those offering it have experience and knowledge in these unique areas.  This is an area where mistakes can be confusing and costly.
–Warren B. Causey

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