The World Is Complex; Advanced Analytics Can Simplify
Remember high school or college research projects?  Remember trying to find, and then pouring over, thick tomes that might or might not have the specific information you were looking for?  Remember the frustration of realizing that you probably didn’t have all the necessary information when you sat down to write your paper?


Those frustrations haven’t gone away, but they have been eased a bit with the convenience of the Internet, and advanced analytics hold even more promise.  Combine the tools and you have a powerful method of discerning truth in what seems an extremely complex world.  Currently, advanced analytics are used primarily by large private companies and governmental organizations to increase profitability and transparency; however, they also have possibilities for individuals needing to research or track virtually anything.  And as prices for business intelligence dashboards come down, it isn’t hard to imagine advanced analytics becoming more mainstream among the general public.
This is not to say that you’ll be able to use advanced analytics to research virtually anything from home or your dorm room in the near future.  However, it isn’t hard to imagine such a scenario over the next 20 years or so.  Of course then, with “one version of the truth” all those trying to convince you of “their way” may have more difficulties, which is not necessarily a bad thing.  Manufacturers, retail companies and high-tech firms and of course government and quasi-government agencies will be first, but they will be blazing trails more of us can follow.
–Warren B. Causey 

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