A Lantern And A Compass Won’t Do

There was an interesting blog on Forbes’ website recently entitled: Healthcare of the Employee vsHealth of the Business: What if No One Wins?  It was a review of Obamacare’s effect on employers and employees.  The blog concluded with this sentence: “But like I said: we’re at the end of this blog and we have no answer. Instead, just a torn piece of a map of what healthcare and healthcare receivables are going to look like in the next few years to come. Bring a compass and a lantern.”


The gist of the article was that Obamacare’s morass of complexities include requiring employers with more than 50 full-time employees to provide healthcare and the costs of doing so, the blogger notes, is likely to cost employers sharply more, sharply eating into or eliminating profits.  As he notes, private businesses that do not make a profit don’t stay in business very long.  Governments, of course, are another story.
Bringing a “compass and a lantern”, however, is not the solution.  Advanced analytics offer the only hope for private businesses in dealing with this morass.  Can it be dealt with?  Who knows, but advanced analytics will help determine the answers.  Many private businesses likely will be just unable to do so and will close or cut employees to get below the 50 employee threshold. However, private business needs their advanced analytics and business information systems to be working overtime churning out answers to deal with the problem—if it can be dealt with at all.
–Warren B. Causey

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