Healthcare Analytics In Need Of The “Big Picture”
Most of us are bombarded these days by e-mails from a myriad of outfits that claimed to have “discovered” the cure for everything from psoriasis to Alzheimer’s.  Of course virtually all of them want you to send your money to solve the problem.  In 99.9 percent of the cases the only problem likely to be solved is the purveyors’ want for money.
So what does the average consumer, who is not a health-care professional, do to navigate these tortuous trails?  Actually, there isn’t much other than be sure to thoroughly research anything that lands in your in-box before giving up any hard-earned cash.  That same Internet that brings you all these offers, many of them bogus, also provides a ready tool with which to research before you buy.
However, doing your own research would be much more effective if there were trusted, analytical analyses of all these offers readily available.  The tools to provide the advice you need are available with advanced analytics.  You can’t do all of that by yourself, but there are people working on it.  Meanwhile, be careful before making complex decisions and, as we said above, disregard 99.9 percent of the “miracle cures” that arrive in your e-mail.  Find a way to analyze the other .1 percent.
–Warren B. Causey

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