Analytics Desperately Needed In The Green/Fossil Energy Dispute
Ken Silverstein, a columnist with Energy Central, has an excellent piece this week describing the growing acrimony between environmentalists and supporters of fossil fuels.  It’s entitled: All-of-the-above Energy Strategy Giving Way to All-Out Political War and is available here.
Ken describes how fossil fuel companies are trying to fight back against a raft of environmental regulations—primarily from the Environmental Protection Agency and state Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS).  One side argues that renewable portfolio standards are driving up the cost of electricity for average consumers.  The environmentalists deny this and argue all the costs of fossil fuels aren’t included in the calculations.  Ken states that the arguments are evolving into a political war.
I have observed that both sides “cherry pick” their statistics and economic numbers to benefit their own arguments.  It’s pretty hard for the average consumer to understand the truth in the midst of all these arguments since both sides of this political war are guilty of misusing information.  The only true way to sort it all out is available—advanced analytics—but it’s unlikely either side is willing to put all their arguments to a full analytical test.  It’s a shame that politics—on both sides—are all we hear about and not the “real” numbers.  Both sides are equally to blame.  However, the implications of this “political war” are dire indeed to the future of our electricity-fueled economy.  This is a case where real, totally impartial “bean counters” using advanced analytics could do a true national service.
–Warren B. Causey

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