Analytics in Education

Have you ever had to track student course progression, prepare for an accreditation visit, effectively allocate space, tie student retention to FTEs, or perform in-depth, student-centered faculty reviews without tying up IT resources for hours while you e-mail spreadsheets around to various departments to complete and return to you to compile?

Lets explore how to make better evidenced-based decisions by tying student retention to FTEs and program growth, allocating space dependent upon usage, and effective ways in which to control student retention and the bottom line. Lets start a conversation, stayed tuned.

-Willie Pomeroy

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  1. Julie DeSot says:

    Do you feel that institutions already collect this data (or most of it), and just don’t capture it in a way to efficiently report?

  2. Willie Pomeroy says:

    Thanks for the question! Yes, Educational institutions collect large amounts of data, so called Big Data. The problem is that usually, they collect data in discrete systems that don’t “speak” to one another. Additionally, Higher Education Institutions are approaching accountability levels that they have never had to deal with. These two factors combined makes the use of Business Intelligence and analytics a promising solution!

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